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Jenn <3
17 October 2013 @ 11:24 pm
EXO-K Chanyeol: Arena Homme 2012<<<Beautiful, especially with that addicting "just makes you melt" voice and smile of his, and apparently he can act decently, too...and people wonder why by bias list in EXO is somehow both ruined and non-existent. It's because of beautiful, incredible boys like him~<3
I loved this song the moment I heard it. I'm a sucker for sad songs played on the piano.
Also...Chanyeol...when did you get so good at acting O.o
Sure, he's no Lee Minho (Okay, let's be realistic: No one can ever be Lee Minho...he's just too incredible), but really...he's actually pretty good.
EXO's acting in MVs a lot more than groups who've debuted for as short a time as them. First Luhan, and, really, all of EXO, in "Wolf" (That was an EXO MV, but still...) and now this...well, Chanyeol was in "Genie" and "Twinkle" before, but I never realized he could act something like this...I'm really anticipating the MV for this song. The storyline definitely looks interesting, albeit heartbreaking and sad.
My heart was breaking for him when he cried.
Okay, my heart pretty much breaks for pretty much anyone who cries, but still...CHANYEOL~
I can't wait to see the MV for this. I'm also waiting for the hate comments from jealous EXO fans (I don't have anything against them, and I can understand jealousy...but that doesn't mean I enjoy reading comments. I mean, come on people, he's just acting with her.)
One thing I don't like, though, is how this kind of takes the spotlight away from K.Will, who, hello, is the singer of this song in the first place.
I'll admit it: I watched this for Chanyeol. I love K.Will, don't get me wrong, but...Chanyeol brought me to the teaser.
I also realized that I pretty much didn't mention the girl (Lee Ho Jung, according to the teaser) at all. I'm not all that familiar with her, so...^^; (I guess more people will be now when they Google her after watching this...which was exactly what I did...^^;...) Where did they find this girl anyways? O.o Oh, well :P
Anyways, I guess I just can't help but love EXO~<3
Side Note: Apparently, we're EXOnatics now? It feels weird going from "EXOtic" to "EXOnatic", but...whatever. I hope all the negative things attached to "EXOtic" (Like all those sasaeng fan episodes...) won't come along with the new name...maybe I'm being too hopeful?
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Jenn <3
17 October 2013 @ 11:07 pm
SHINee&apos;s <<<Okay, I admit that this isn't their best concept ever. But it IS unexpected, and pulled off surprisingly well. Although I would have liked it if they showed more of Jonghyun's beautiful face XD Still...have you SEEn the teaser picture for Onew? They are just too beautiful for words~<3
Wow...I...I honestly have no words that will ever describe just how awesome and amazing this video was.
The dance, the outfits, the concept, the catchy song...everything was just too incredible to even begin to describe.
Plus, Taemin was shirtless. That was definitely a plus. Taemin is definitely becoming Taeman XD
Anyways, I debated back and forth so much over buying this album. Seriously.
On the one hand, after this album, I was going to be totally broke.
On the other hand, this was amazing. Plus, I love Syndrome to death. Seriously. That song should've been made into a full one, it was so good~<3
*Sigh* The problems of a K-Pop fangirl XD
Anyways...I'm going to spare you the crazy, all caps, screaming fangirling that happened when I first watched the video and just leave you with this:
If you have not yet watched the MV, go and watch it. Right now. Seriously, this will be the highlight of your day and will eventually go from four minutes to four hundred, after you've replayed it over and over.
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Jenn <3
04 September 2013 @ 08:30 pm
EXO Growl_Xiumin<<<Okay, so I know this probably isn't the best picture for this...but it's totally true...poor Xiumin gets so little screen time, and even less lines in songs...anyways, when I saw this picture...I couldn't help it ^^; Also, the video only came out yesterday, so there weren't any really good pictures...a few of Tao kicking someone in the face and some parts of the fight...but I just wanted to use this one anyways XD Enjoy :P
OMG, the second part of the drama version of 'Wolf' (Now 'Growl') is out~<3 As usual, they incorporated different songs, which I liked~Okay...I just need a second to breathe...okay...well...let me tell you, in as few words as possible, my reaction:
1) Excited to the point of hyperventilation
2) Confusion
3) Laughter
4) More confusion
5) Pleasant surprise
6) Oh...(Can't think of another word for this...)
Let me explain (I know the laughter seems kind of inappropriate, but I have a reason, I promise...)
1) I had been anticipating this video for a while...Luhan having such a huge part in this video made me love it even more~<3
2) The plot...it was kind of weird and it escalated really quickly (Seeing D.O., to Luhan passing out, to him waking up, to Kai smashing him up against a wall...and then everything else)
3) The song 'Growl' seemed kind of inappropriate for the fight scene...that, and, at the end, with the whole slow motion thing, it seemed kind of cheesy...also, not that I don't LOVE Luhan and seeing him in this video, but if there was going to be a bunch of fight scenes, wouldn't Tao have been better? Well, there were a lot of shots of him, too~
4) Wait...so he...died? NO, LUHAN~(For a magical wolf, he was killed really easily, BTW...) Wait...his tattoo disappeared...what? His hair...what...WHAT????
6) ...and he looks like a weird wolf...growling...what the....
So, yeah...that's about it...I'm waiting for the other parts to come out, but knowing SM, it will:
1) Come out after they make another comeback (Which could take a while...is it going to be ANOTHER wolf themed video...or are they going to do other animals...like tigers or something?)
2) Be over in another about 350000000 episodes (Remember the teasers and MVs before they debuted?)
But...I love EXO, no matter what kind of animal concepts they take on and whatever weird plot lines their MVs have...EXO HWAITING~<3
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Jenn <3
01 September 2013 @ 09:44 pm
&apos;Monstar&apos; Men In Black<<<BtoB was also in this...I thought I was going totally insane when I first saw Minhyuk...I thought this drama was pretty good, though I didn't like how there were a lot of loose ends in the ending, though...
I've watched a lot of K-dramas over the summer, and I've realized a lot of different things...like:
1) I love Junhyung even more after watching Monstar
2) If my boyfriend ever develops a rare, incurable disease, I will punch him if he does the whole 'push her away, make a goodbye video explaining everything' thing
3) It's harder than I thought to find satisfying endings
4) Park Jung Min's Chinese is both amazing and kind of adorable...he sounds so different when he speaks it! To be honest, though, I still love his Korean, more. It's also funny how his character's thoughts constantly switch between Chinese and Korean XD His character is just all kinds of adorable~ ('Fondant Garden')
5) SM's plot lines make even less sense than the average music video ('Wolf' drama ver. Though I love Luhan even more than I thought possible after that)
6) If you're hiding something (Like your real name), someone can blurt it out and no one will notice...they only notice at important turning points when it will totally mess up your life
7) There's a group of rich, good-looking guys who rule the school at every private school
8) It's common for people to somehow end up being forced to live with eachother or even pretend to be married
9) It's super easy to pretend to be a boy. Just cut your hair, wrap your chest...BAM, everyone thinks you're a boy. It's okay if you still have a girly voice...no one will notice
10) If you meet a jerk who you hate right off the bat, it means you two will fall in love soon. If you happen to meet a nice guy you like around the same time, you've got a love triangle...that poor nice guy...the love triangle is confirmed if you find yourself in a stare-off between 2 guys...though the girls usually don't notice (So oblivious -__-" Don't even notice the other's guy feelings most of the time...argh!)
So, yeah...anyone who says K-dramas are useless obviously don't know what they're talking about. Asian dramas in general are life-enriching and include important life lessons. I know so much more now because of them...:P
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Jenn <3
01 September 2013 @ 02:08 pm
Fondant Garden<<<I swear I'm not watching this just for Park Jung Min...okay, I admit it's part of the reason...it's pretty good so far, though ^-^ (Okay, kind of boring, but the first few episodes always are :P)
Honestly, summer doesn't officially end until September 22, so I think we shouldn't start school until, you know...fall actually starts. But no. Summer break always feels so short TT__TT
No more days filled with watching K-dramas, fangirling over things like EXO's 11th win with 'Growl' (They are seriously on fire O.o) and sleeping in...*sigh*...I'm now going to try and finish 'Fondant Garden' as quickly as humanly possible XD I couldn't decide between watching another Korean drama or another Taiwanese drama, so...this was a pretty good combination of both XD (I had been debating over whether to watch this or 'Witch Amusement'. Park Jung Min and cake helped win me over XD)
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Jenn <3
31 August 2013 @ 09:36 pm
Love Keeps Going<<<This drama...just...argh! It's so frustrating!
So, basically, the main character guy just found out he has this rare disease and might either die or become a human vegetable. He decides, in the typical drama way, to not tell the girl and push her away. She doesn't notice despite all the signs...so frustrating!
1) A couple of days before the whole thing, he says he's feeling weird symptoms and she gets all worried. Seriously, she even guesses the cause correctly. I can't believe this girl...did she just wake up the next morning and stop worrying just because he told her to?
2) He asks her what she would do if he died or became a human vegetable. Hello! These questions don't just pop out of nowhere, you know. He also cried at her answer. Talk about missing the obvious.
2) He tells this other guy to take care of her...right in front of her. When he would normally be insanely jealous.
3) He suddenly goes from loving and 'won't give you up for the world, I promise to never hurt you' to not taking her calls in one night. Either he's hiding something or has serious bipolar/split personality issues. That only appeared now.
4) He's suddenly with this other girl who he said he wasn't going to like. So apparently he's really fickle now.
Why does everyone in this drama have to be so difficult? And why is the girl so dense???? -__-" The only thing I've learned from this is that, when you get a nasty, incurable, rare disease, the solution is NOT to pretend to be with some other person. Just for that, I'm rooting for the other guy. Any other guy. Just for now...until he gets his senses back (Or the cure works and he realizes he's an idiot)
Also, the other guy is now suggesting he pretends to be her boyfriend to make things better. He tells her not to think too much into it and she's all "Okay, nothing will happen". That's how her relationship with the main guy started...I feel as if she either has short-term memory or enjoys living the same situations over...
Using the other person is totally selfish. Sure, the girl will get hurt, but did he think that the other girl wouldn't? Seriously? And everyone's bound to find out at some point. Can't hide rare, incurable diseases forever, you know. I guess he just wants to make sure she hates him before that happens, I guess. Didn't it ever occur to him the main girl character might do something stupid like...oh, I don't know, kill herself? (That's what this other character did)
What's worse is that there's a chance the treatment will work...and this drama isn't a tragedy, which means he has only just created a big mess for himself. And she might marry this other guy. If she actually did that...he would kind of deserve it...Good luck, buddy. (Though, in all honesty, after having two guys cheat on her in less than half a year, I'm surprised she still trusts men...)
And now my rant on this stupid situation is over. Mostly...
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Jenn <3
31 August 2013 @ 05:43 pm
Okay, so I'm watching a Taiwanese Drama called "In Time With You". Everything's normal from the hopeless guy in secretly in love his best friend to the cute new guy coming in and stealing the girls' heart. After a few episodes, though...my eyes totally popped out of my head and I thought I had watched too many EXO videos and was officially going insane because I see this:
In Time With You<<<I think I went back and watched this like...5 times, just to make sure that I wasn't going insane and was now seeing Luhan everywhere
Okay, so the first thing I do is pause and look up the cast for this drama. Turns out that with certain hair and from certain angles, this guy (Xu Hao En) could totally act as Luhan's double. This is also what kept distracting me in the drama. What was also distracting was that he also attended university in Canada and therefore had perfect English. (Imagine my surprise when this guy opened his mouth and perfect English came out...) Whenever he spoke, I also got very distracted from the drama itself. I totally love his English...just saying XD I wonder if I would have loved Luhan's English this much O.o Luhan's English is pretty adorable~
Who knew there was a guy who looked so much like Luhan? O.o
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Jenn <3
31 August 2013 @ 05:43 pm
Love Keeps Going<<<The drama I am currently watching...there are quite a few of the following in this one...except for #10...kind of...XD
So...I've been watching a lot of Kdramas lately, and found that they were a few things both common and uncommon that kind of annoy me...maybe I'm just weird like that? XD Here are just a few:
#1: When characters who don't want to take calls pulls their battery out. Haven't they heard of simply turning the phone off?
#2: The clichéd airport chases. I know you have to get to the airport to tell them whatever before they leave, but I'm sure there are easier ways to find people than running around a busy airport. Maybe I've just seen this scene too many times...
#3: When every character has the same phone. I know it's product placement and all, but in what kind of world does everyone have the same phone? It's even weirder when the character is apparently dirt poor but has this shiny new phone.
#4: When asked why they called, the person replies, "Oh, no reason". This isn't super common, but still bothers when when it happens. Why would you be calling if there wasn't something you wanted to say?
#5: When the characters don't know what they're feeling. "My heart beats really fast when I'm around them, I'm happy when I'm with them, I'm always thinking about...hmm...wonder what this is?". Haven't they watched dramas? or read books? Or...something? Come one...they can't be that dumb, can they?
#6: How the person's heart can stop, then their significant other says or does something that makes it start up again. Does that even really happen? I'm glad that the person didn't die and all, but still...
#7: How dead people can cry. I don't see this that often either and, though it's touching, it's weird...they're dead, yet they can cry. How does that work?
#8: How the poor characters, even though they live in shacks and can barely pay off their bills and owe debt and whatever, still always have really nice looking clothes. And nice hair. Maybe they use all their money for that? Though the debt collectors usually appear only once or twice...and, even though you can't see anyone make any payments, the debt magically disappears.
#9: When one of the main characters develops cancer or some other random incurable illness in the middle of the drama. "Everything's going great...everyone's happy and you're finally in a relationship, so...now would be the perfect to give your character some disease that may kill them." Why? Whhhyyy? To make things even worse, they have to push their significant other away without telling them what happened...and they believe it, too. Come one, no one's feelings can go from "I love you more than anyone and anything in the world" to "I'm with this person now, bye" in one night. Are you kidding me? Oh, and they always make some kind of "If you see this, then I'm dead. I always loved you, be happy, good bye" tearjerking video. Just to torture the audience a little more.
#10: The cliché I seriously hate the most, but is the most common...when the girl falls in love with the jerk she hates instead of the perfect guy she got along with from day 1. Also, this jerk usually has some sweet side to him...even though, at first, he seems like the worst human being in existence. That makes sense.
I guess they just wouldn't be dramas without these clichés...but I still can't help but frown when I see some of these. Especially #9. That one usually just makes me cry. What's up with dramas and cancer? Why do they always have to develop cancer? Gosh...anyways...I'm going to try and finish as many dramas as possible before school starts...wonder how many of these I'll run into! (I've just run into #9, actually...TT_TT..."Love Keeps Going")
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Jenn <3
30 August 2013 @ 10:29 pm
Okay...I have to get caught up on what bands I've already included in my 'Days of Biases' posts, but for now...I'll just list my 10 ultimate biases...this list is...well...after number 4, I'm not really sure...my bias lists are always screwed up by other band members...I'm not good at deciding XD
I'll try my best ^^; I'm only going to briefly list reasons, though...it might be too long otherwise XD
#1: 영웅재중 Hero YoungwoongHero Jaejoong from DBSK/JYJ...his voice, his dancing, his gaze
#2: SHINee_Jonghyun Kim Jonghyun from SHINee...his singing, his smile, his cuteness
#3: U-Know_Yunho U-Know Yunho from DBSK/TVXQ!...his voice, his dancing, his looks
#4: Luhan Luhan from EXO(-M)...his singing, his smile, how adorable he is
#5: MBLAQ&apos;s Lee Joon Lee Joon from MBLAQ...how adorable he is, his voice, his smile and laugh
#6: Taemin Dating Agency Cyrano Taemin from SHINee...his dancing, his singing, how cute he is as maknae
#7: G-Dragon_BSX G-Dragon fron Big Bang...his voice, his composing, how cool he is
#8: EXO-K Sehun Maknae Sehun from EXO(-K)...his smile, his adorable lisp, his dancing
#9: BTOB&apos;s Lee Minhyuk Lee Minhyuk from BtoB...his dancing, his eye smile, his gaze
#10: CNBlue&apos;s Jung Yonghwa Henry Lau Trap Jung Yonghwa from C.N.Blue or Henry from Super Junior(-M)...their singing, rapping, Yonghwa's intene stare, Henry's dancing
I couldn't exactly decide for number 10...>_< Oh well :P I think I favour singers more...a little over half are singers....oh well :P This post...I had such a hard time choosing pictures for this XD I think my favourites are the ones of Jaejoong and Lee Joon XD
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Jenn <3
28 August 2013 @ 10:32 pm
EXO&apos;s &apos;Growl&apos;~<<<This song...this concept...this dance...oh my gosh, I can't even...to be honest, I liked this a lot better than 'Wolf'...I don't think I'll be getting over...anything EXO in a while, but it'll probably be a least a couple days before this song stops replaying in my head XD

Okay...so...it's been a while, huh? Guess I got kind of busy...okay, more like I totally forgot I even had a Livejournal account in the midst of all that fangirling over EXO's new MV, the comebacks (INFINITE, B.A.P....everyone XD) and watching as many Kdramas as I can before the summer ends...anyways, it's kind of late, but I'll probably be posting again...once in a while, that is XD
When I get more time...I'll probably pick up the 'Days of Biases' where I left off...yeah....my EXO bias list is even more destroyed than it was before, so it's a good thing I'm already done that XD Maybe I'll do an EXO related post soon XD
I'll be back with a new post soon! ^-^
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